Mulbah Consultancy

Get to know us.

About Mulbah Consultancy

Get to know us.

About Mulbah Consultancy

Aiming to be the best

We deliver measurable results

Mulbah Consultancy (hereafter MC) was established in 2018 as a result of a niche in the market.  We noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs see value in maintaining a robust financial administration. 

 MC and its network of professionals see entrepreneurship as turning risks into opportunities! 

We believe that an adequate Process Control is key in benefiting from these opportunities. We see process control as the continual cycle of identifying, substantiating and mitigating risks in the financial processes. This is vital to the continuation principal of any company!

Besides multiple years of experience in Finance and Accounting, we believe in continual development. For this reason, MC professionals follow various studies, courses and training in their respective fields. 

We speak Dutch and English, but most importantly, we take great pride in being flexible with problem-solving abilities. 

With these assets at your disposal, you will maintain a positive balance. Thus “Keeping your balance in black”!


Mission & Philosophy


We are committed to keeping your balance in black!

From a financial perspective, a loss is in red and a profit is in black. Since you are in business to make a profit. It is only natural that our mission facilitate your objectives.


Having your processes under control is a fertile land for growth!

The growth of your business depends your ability to expand financially. This happens either by increasing your market share or managing your costs. We believe that by doing the latter through process control, you enable your business to maintain a sustainable growth.

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