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Business administration

For who?

MC supports ambitious entrepreneurs, who see value in outsourcing their financial administration! Our bookkeeping service is built upon the below three pillars:


We will relieve you from your compliance activities such as; maintaining your financial administration, tax filings, etc.


By digitalizing your financial administration, you will have visibility and control at all times.


We will create and maintain an adequate Process Control.

Full service administration

What we do?

Partnering with us leads to advantages such as: having visibility at all times, have your own location to share private documents, monthly consultation hour, establish process control.


- Processing invoices;
- Analyze transactions;
- Review tax transactions;
- Payroll transactions;
- Reconciling payment to invoices
- Asset registry analysis;
- Inventory management;
- Produce financial reports.

Filing tax returns

- Sales tax;
- Payroll tax;
- Income tax.

Process Control

- Review processes,
- Identify risks,
- Analyze risks and
- Mitigate risks.

Digitalization of Administration

To maintain control, you will need visibility in your financial administration at all times. The best way to do this is by digitalizing your administration. When requested, MC will grant you access to Exact online (Mijn-kantoor). With this software you can monitor your administration at all times. You can access your platform through a mobile-App or by logging into your account from your PC.


This is Mulbah Consultancy Unique Selling Point (USP). To delivered quality, Process Control is deployed. We see Process Control as the result of proactively analyzing the outcomes of your processes, through cyclically identifying, substantiating and mitigating risks within your administration.

Mitigate risks

When you have a better understanding of what these risks are, you can then build a tool that will enhance Process Control. This is key to keeping your balance in black!

Substantiate risks

It is not only important to know the risks involved, but also what are the factors that trigger these risks? The findings are the building-blocks for an adequate Process Control.

Analyze outcomes

Every entrepreneurs encounter risks in their processes. It is therefore fundamental for one to analyze the outcomes of his or her processes.

Identify risks

By pro-actively analyzing the outcomes, will enable you to identify risks within your processes.

Service packages


from €65 per month

Maintain Financial Administration

Tax Fillings

Consultancy & Reports


from €250 per month

Maintain Financial Administration

Tax Fillings

Consultancy & Reports


from €500 per month

Maintain Financial Administration

Tax Fillings

Consultancy & Reports

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