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We can assist you with filing personal income tax (IB-60 and M-form) and requesting government allowances!

On a annual basis we have to do our tax return in the Netherlands, some of us even have to request government allowance. For most people, this is a difficult task! Some people choose to either leave it, or do it themselves, and thus most often missed out on income. A third option is by making use of MC services. With this service, you as a tax-paying citizen can take full advantage of your tax-benefits!

Service packages

from 50 euro per request

Tax return IB-60

85 euro per request

Tax return M-form

Various Application
100 euro per request



This is Mulbah Consultancy Unique Selling Point (USP). To delivered quality, Process Control is deployed. We see Process Control as the result of proactively analyzing the outcomes of your processes, through cyclically identifying, substantiating and mitigating risks within your administration.

Mitigate risks

When you have a better understanding of what these risks are, you can then build a tool that will enhance Process Control. This is key to keeping your balance in black!

Substantiate risks

It is not only important to know the risks involved, but also what are the factors that trigger these risks? The findings are the building-blocks for an adequate Process Control.

Analyze outcomes

Every entrepreneurs encounter risks in their processes. It is therefore fundamental for one to analyze the outcomes of his or her processes.

Identify risks

By pro-actively analyzing the outcomes, will enable you to identify risks within your processes.

Rules and regulations

When can you apply for the 30% ruling?

Only if you meet all of the following conditions:
    • You are in paid employment.
    • You have a specific expertise that is not or hardly found on the Dutch labor market.
    • You were recruited outside of the Netherlands.
    • You are in possession of a valid decision.

Government allowance (benefits)

You may be entitled to government allowances. This is a contribution towards the costs of your healthcare insurance, rented house or children. To find out whether you are entitled to all or any of these benefits, MC can do a check for you, the check will be based on the below questions;
    • Do I have Dutch healthcare insurance?
    • Does my child goes to a childcare center?
    • Do I have children up to the age of 18?
    • Do I live in a rented house in the Netherlands?
The outcome from the above will determine which benefits you are entitled to.

Knowledge sharing events and workshops

You can participate in the various events/workshops in relation to the subject matter. In so doing, you can acquire meaningful knowledge. This will increase your understanding of personal administration, which is an asset you need in a capitalistic society, especially if financial freedom is something you value.

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